JETAA Chapters

Looking for a JETAA Chapter near you? The table below contains a list of JETAA organisations all over the world!

JETAA Map 03

  • United States
    • Washington DC
    • New York
    • Long Island
    • New Jersey
    • Pittsburgh
    • Philadelphia
    • Upstate New York
    • Connecticut
    • New England
    • Chicago
    • Indiana (Hoosier)
    • Wisconsin
    • Rocky Moutains
    • Portland
    • Hawaii
    • Great Lakes
    • Minnesota
    • Music City
    • Bluegrass
    • Southeast
    • Alabama
    • Georgia
    • South Carolina
    • North Carolina
    • New Orleans
    • Florida
    • Heartland
    • St. Louis
    • Kansas
    • Nebraska
    • Dakotas
    • Iowa
    • Texoma
    • Pacific Northwest
    • Northern California
    • Southern California
    • Alaska
  • Canada
    • Quebec/Atlantic
    • Ottawa
    • Toronto
    • Manitoba/Saskatchewan
    • Southern Alberta
    • British Columbia/Yukon
  • Europe
    • United Kingdom
    • London
    • Midlands
    • North West
    • Northern Ireland
    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • France
    • Germany
    • Ireland
  • Oceania
    • Australia
    • NSW/Sydney
    • VIC/TAS/SA
    • Western Australia
    • Canberra
    • Queensland
    • New Zealand
    • Auckland
    • Wellington
    • South Island
  • Asia
    • Japan
    • Eastern Japan
    • Western Japan
    • Tokyo
    • Signapore
    • South Korea
    • India
  • Other Chapters
    • Brazil
    • Jamaica
    • Middle East
    • South Africa

Something missing? Contact our Director of Alumni Relations and let us know!

Message from a JETAA Member

Finishing up on JET and returning home doesn’t necessarily mean your JET experience is over. Apart from the personal friendships and bonds you make with friends, workmates and students, if you’re lucky, it’s also about the incredible experience and skills you’ve developed, whether it be from negotiating your way through a different culture, volunteering at local community events and generally doing that whole growing and maturing thing that apparently is the “in thing” these days.

That’s why JETAA (JET Alumni Association) exists. Not just a social group (although there’s no party like a party when JETs get together), we also provide an avenue for you to get involved in local Japanese communities and organisations outside of Japan, so that you can continue doing what you love the best about being on the JET Programme—whether it be keeping up your Japanese language skills, getting the insider knowledge on the local Japanese scene, making networks for careers and business opportunities, or just hanging out with the only group of people in the world who can relate to all your stories, in-jokes and interests. And with chapters all around the world, we’re kinda like the Illuminati. Except real and less about world conquest and more lovable. *whispers* You’re never alone.

So if you’re on your way back home, tadaima and otsukaresamadeshita. And why not give us a go? Hit up your local chapter and say hello. Looking forward to hearing from you!