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Newsletter Archive

Below is the archive for past editions of our newsletter, previously known as “AJET eConnect”. Every issue contains information on the current AJET Connect Magazine, AJET events across Japan, updates and progress reports from the AJET National Council, and useful links and offers for JETs to use. Featured content in each issue is mentioned after each link. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our social media accounts or AJET Gazette, please contact .


  • Autumn – Coming Soon!
  • Summer: Call for Recorder Donation, Kawakuji Animal Rescue, JET Christian Fellowship Retreat Recap, Shiga AJET, ALT Soccer Tournament, Don’t Forget to Join Your Local JETAA Chapter!, Volunteer in your Community on Behalf of AJET,  AJET Resource Database, JET Programme Voices
  • Spring: National AJET Elections, AJET Peer Support Group, Tatami Timeshare, Connect Art Issue: Call for Submissions, Toyama International Film Festival, JET Christian Fellowship Annual Spring Retreat, National AJET LINE Stickers, June Sports Tournaments
  • Winter: Tokyo JET Excursion to Aomori with Stay Japan, JET Alumni Association Western Japan JETAAWJ Osaka Networking Event, AJET Block 1 Presents: Sapporo Snow Festival, Kizuna Across Cultures Global Classmates Program, Aomori Cultural Exchange Scholarship, Furusato Vision Project


  • Autumn: AJET Peer Support Group, Tatami Timeshare, Call for JET Creators, JET Christian Fellowship Autumn Retreat, Asian Pacific Islander AJET, Niigata in the Inaka International Basketball Tournament, Call for Recorder Donation, Southwestern Japan Flood Relief, JET Programme Voices, TELL Tokyo Tower Climb, JETAA KenJETkai Program
  • Spring: Connect Applications, Tatami Timeshare, JETAA West Japan’s Successful Networking Event, Volunteering Opportunities, JETAA UK Career Forum
  • Winter: Winter opinion exchange, JET spotlight, Connect Art Issue submissions, Nagasaki lantern festival 2018, Mirai no Mori volunteer opportunity, skills development seminars, Hiroshima ski excursion, JETAA


  • Autumn: JET spotlight, AJET elections, block 9 welcome event, Thailand volunteer trip, Sapporo snow festival, AJET partners, JETAA USA national convention & JET30 reunion
  • Summer: Remarks from incoming Council Chair, 30th-anniversary events update, TEFL discounts, AJET resources database, University of Tokyo graduate courses, JETAA podcast, Tatami Timeshare, Yame tea tour
  • February: 30th-anniversary logo contest winner, PSG recruitment, National AJET elections, block 4 representative search, Okinawa 30th-anniversary hanami, Sapporo snow festival


  • November: JET Program 30th-anniversary celebrations, fall survey 2016 (community integration), video contest winners, Japanese study resources, Saga international balloon fiesta 2016, Adecco internship
  • August: 2016-17 National Council greetings, volunteer translators/proofreaders, TEFL discounts, health and nutrition section added to Connect, overseas remittance using GoRemit, JET special interest groups, life coaching
  • May: Outgoing remarks from 2015-16 National Council, incoming council, Block 11 elections, Mirai no Mori volunteering, JET Program video contest, Kumamoto disaster support


  • September: 2015 Fall Survey, Summer Roundup, Tatami Timeshare, JET Alum Parents group, Connect magazine, HJSF, SIG Spotlight: Soccer, Hokkaido English Challenge Camp, USC Rosser Grad Program, Dualingo, and useful links
  • April: Tatami Timeshare, AJET Elections Results, New SIG – ¡Hola! JETs, Tokyo Yamathon, Summer Tohoku Volunteering, CLAIR JET Osaka Career Fair, AJET 2014 Winter Reports
  • Election edition (March): List of candidates for the 2015–2016 AJET National Council
  • February: AJET Elections, AJET Awards, JETLife video – surviving winter, AJET Job Listings
  • January: AJET Jobs Questionnaire, JETAA Spotlight, JET alumni spotlight [The Dorsal Effect]


  • December: Launch of redesigned, AJET-CLAIR Opinion Exchange
  • November: Counselling Changes Questionnaire, Race to the Top, JETLife Youtube launch, volunteer trip to Thailand
  • October: Volunteer with National AJET, AJET Philippines Volunteer Trip, volunteer trip in India
  • September: AJET autumn surveys, advertising and giveaway campaigns
  • August: AJET-JALT conference, introduction to Block Representatives, Welcome to AJET video, AJET National Council goals