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Newsletter Archive

Below is the archive for past editions of our newsletter, previously known as “AJET eConnect”. Every issue contains information on the current AJET Connect Magazine, AJET events across Japan, updates and progress reports from the AJET National Council, and useful links and offers for JETs to use. Featured content in each issue is mentioned after each link. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our social media accounts or AJET Gazette, please contact .




  • September: 2015 Fall Survey, Summer Roundup, Tatami Timeshare, JET Alum Parents group, Connect magazine, HJSF, SIG Spotlight: Soccer, Hokkaido English Challenge Camp, USC Rosser Grad Program, Dualingo, and useful links
  • April: Tatami Timeshare, AJET Elections Results, New SIG – ¡Hola! JETs, Tokyo Yamathon, Summer Tohoku Volunteering, CLAIR JET Osaka Career Fair, AJET 2014 Winter Reports
  • Election edition (March): List of candidates for the 2015–2016 AJET National Council
  • February: AJET Elections, AJET Awards, JETLife video – surviving winter, AJET Job Listings
  • January: AJET Jobs Questionnaire, JETAA Spotlight, JET alumni spotlight [The Dorsal Effect]


  • December: Launch of redesigned, AJET-CLAIR Opinion Exchange
  • November: Counselling Changes Questionnaire, Race to the Top, JETLife Youtube launch, volunteer trip to Thailand
  • October: Volunteer with National AJET, AJET Philippines Volunteer Trip, volunteer trip in India
  • September: AJET autumn surveys, advertising and giveaway campaigns
  • August: AJET-JALT conference, introduction to Block Representatives, Welcome to AJET video, AJET National Council goals