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Finding a Job in Japan

AJET knows exactly how important planning the next stage of your life after JET is. So, we’ve collected a few articles to help you begin touching up your resume, capture attention with your next cover letter, and get ready to rock that next interview! Have any other great articles or ideas? Let your fellow transitioning JETs know!

Vince’s Resume Tips

Returning home can be a very hectic and stressful time for JETs. Help yourself stay ahead of the stress curve by preparing in advance for one of the biggest changes, finding your next job! “Vince’s Resume Tips” is an excellent source for JET participants who will be returning home and are in need of polishing up their resumes. Help yourself clinch that next job with Vince’s tips! On the site you will find:

  • Visual/audio slideshow from Vince’s “Resume and Interview techniques (North American style)” lecture at the 2011 Conference for Returning JETs
  • Sample resumes for ALTs, PAs, and CIRs
  • Sample cover letters
  • Information and a sample on Japanese-styled resumes

Vince’s Blog

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