Information for Incoming JETs

Below you will find a general FAQ list to help you as you’re finalizing your preparations for Japan, as well as a pre-departure pamphlet with some great tips. Join your Block/Prefecture, and the Incoming JETs Facebook pages, and be sure to check out our section on Daily JET Life as well to find out what your everyday lives will be during your new adventures!

If you are applying for the JET Programme (or simply considering it), check out the Aspiring JETs Q&A Facebook Group! There, you can get your questions answered by friendly senpai JETs.

Pre-Departure Pamphlet

If you needs some advice on how to get ready for the move to Japan, as well as make the most of Tokyo Orientation, please read the Pre-Departure Pamphlet (PDF), a handy publication that was made available to incoming JETS during their Pre-Departure Orientation and in Tokyo:

FAQ for Incoming JETS

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Omiyage FAQs

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