Projects by JETs

This page lists community service initiatives sponsored by current or former JETs and non-affiliated JET Programme participants or organizations. If you would like National AJET to promote your charity project(s), please contact us here.

Note: Links listed in project descriptions will periodically change as new projects are discovered and old projects are completed.


Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund

Hiroshima AJET

In the spirit of promoting international exchange and students' practical English communication abilities, Hiroshima JETS have started a fund to provide a ¥250,000 scholarship to one student of a Hiroshima Prefectural school, where a JET Program ALT is present. The scholarship is to be used as funding towards a study abroad program of the student’s choosing.

Visit the website.
Join the Facebook group.
Donate to the Indiegogo.
Food from 6500 Miles Away

Food from 6500 Miles Away

Chris Low
2014-2015 National AJET Block 3 Rep | Saitama ALT from 2012

Inspired by his students' creative ideas for philanthropic organizations, Chris is raising money for hungry children. Visit his project page on for more information and to donate.
Kay Makishi - Room to Read

Room to Read

Kay Makishi
2013-2014 National AJET Chair | Fukuoka CIR from 2011 to 2013

Kay cycled 1,400km in 13 days through 2 typhoons with 1 mamachari to raise $700 for education and women's empowerment through Room to Read. Visit her campaign page for more information and to donate to this project.
Straw Hat Backpacker - Ryan Longo-Newburn

Straw Hat Backpacker

Ryan Longo-Newburn (non-JET)

On March 5th, 2014 Ryan quit his job in Omaha, Nebraska, sold all of his possessions, and set out on a journey across the entire world on foot! The first leg of his journey began in Japan where he started walking at Cape Sata in Kagoshima and ended five months and 3,000 kilometers later at Cape Soya in Hokkaido. Ryan will continue walking across the world for the next five years to raise awareness for the fight against obesity since he used to weigh more than 300lbs. He wants to show people that anything is possible with hard work and dedication! Follow him on his journey at or his Facebook page here.

Live your dreams!
Teaspoons for Change - d'Arcy Lunn

Teaspoons For Change

d’Arcy Lunn
2002 - 2003 Hokkaido JET

d'Arcy Lunn, a former JET (2002/03) in Hokkaid, is walking from Hokkaido to Nagoya on an advocacy and awareness trip he is calling Teaspoons of Change. His aim is to listen, learn, share and promote small teaspoon-sized personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet. He is very keen to meet and interact with JETs along his journey and offer presentations, classes, events and chats and he might be looking for a spot on the floor as well... To find out more check out the Facebook page and his blog and get in touch directly with him on . His Japanese is pretty good too, just good luck with his Aussie English!

Smile Kids Japan

Michael Maher-King
Former Fukui JET

After beginning monthly orphanage visits in his area, former Fukui JET Michael Maher-King had a vision to spread the goal across Japan. Now with active volunteers in 27 prefectures, Smile Kids Japan is one of the easiest ways to volunteer in your communities. If your prefecture doesn’t have a group yet, the SKJ website walks you through the process of searching for and beginning orphanage visits. They also supply game ideas and can offer you support and advice if needed. You can find more information about current Smile Kids groups across Japan here.

T-Shirt Sales

Fukushima AJET

If you really want to help Tohoku, buy a Fukushima t-shirt! Fukushima AJET began selling these colorful t-shirts to raise money for Fukushima disaster relief. Now the money collected goes to Eyes for Fukushima(E4F), a charity created by Fukushima JETs that runs events to promote the recovery of Fukushima. For a mere 2000 yen, you can get your own t-shirt (I love my purple one!) and also support the Fukushima community. You can learn more about the project and ordering your own t-shirt at their blog,

The JETs in Fukushima-ken have created their own charity called Eyes for Fukushima(E4F) and are working to attain NPO status. Our purpose behind creating E4F is to fund events and projects promoting the recovery of Fukushima. We hope to empower the eager JET community in Fukushima to help actualize their volunteer ideas. The money from the shirts sold will go to our charity. Visit our facebook page.