Submission Guidelines & Procedure

This document details steps necessary for submitting guidelines as well as quality and formatting requests. To ensure accuracy and quality of submissions, National AJET asks contributors to follow the formatting guide and submit all documents through the form provided.

Don’t forget to read the Contributors Creative Commons Agreement.

To submit a contribution to the AJET Directory and Database, please email the Director of Professional and Education Development.

Volunteer contributors may submit content, materials, lesson plans, links to websites, and any other useful media or information to National AJET for the purpose of hosting in our publicly shared directory and database for the JET community.

All required personal information collected below is used solely for the purpose of crediting contributors’ work, and will never be shared with outside entities for any reason. National AJET respects and supports your right to privacy.

Please include:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Your Job Title (i.e. ALT, CIR, SEA, or PA)
  • The number of years you have been on the JET Programme
  • An attachment containing your submission (in .DOC, .DOCX, .PDF format)
  • Please format the file name as follows:
    • If you are submitting an external link, such as a web article or website resource, you may include it in the body of the email in lieu of an attachment. Please make sure to include the full URL.
  • The section you would like your submission listed under, according to the directory map
  • A brief description of your submission.
  • By submitting, all contributors agree to the Contributors Creative Commons Agreement.

Submissions that do not include all required entries cannot be accepted.