ATM Guide

Originally written by Steven Thompson for Connect Magazine Tokyo Orientation Edition 2014.

Once you’ve got your cash card and bank book, you’ll be ready to hit the ATM, while many ATMs have English options available, not all will. Don’t worry. With a little bit of vocabulary and practice, you’ll have no trouble.

Main Menu

Withdrawal 引き出し Hikidashi
Get your hard earned cash out!

Deposit 預け入れ Azukeire
Put in your money. How responsible of you! Most machines allow you to add coins (look for a big X sign that says otherwise).

Bank Transfer 振込み Furikomi
If you set up an account to send money home, or if you’re paying your local AJET chapter for an event, you’ll be furikomi-ing. There’s a lot of steps, and every bank’s TM is different. Ask someone to help or check out one of the general guides online.

Check Balance 残高照会 Zandaka shoukai
How much money is left until payday? Check it here, then select 明細票 (Meisai-hyou) for a slip, or 終了 (shuuryou) to end.

Bank Book Update 通帳記入 Tsuuchou ki nyuu
If you want to update the book without making a withdrawal.


Correct 訂正 Teisei
Use this if you entered a number incorrectly.

Cancel 取消 Torikeshi
Use this to cancel your transaction and get your card back.

Confirm 確認 Kakunin
Use this after entering something.

Return 戻る Modoru
Use this to go back a screen.

Issue (a receipt) 発行する/しない Hakkou suru/shinai
Select at the end if you want a receipt. Choose 発行しない if not.

What’s a Bank Book?

Your bank book, or 通帳 (tsuuchou), keeps track of all your transactions. If you put it in at the start, it’ll print all the recent transactions and your current balance. Very handy!


ATMs in Japan close at night to go home and be with their families (or something). Know the hours for the ATMs in your town. Average is about 8 PM.

Local ATMs will not accept foreign credit or debit cards, but some JP Post ATMs and all 7/11 ATMs will. Open 24 hours, 7/11 ATMs offer English service and work with nearly any card from around the world. They charge a small transaction fee (around 200 yen). Remember to notify your bank you’re moving, or they may shut down your card for suspicious overseas activity!