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You’ve just arrived, and someone shows you to your desk for the first time. You made it!!! Now, what? Most of us will admit to at least a small bit of panic when the realization that we need to start working sets in. How do I plan a lesson?? I have HOW MANY names to memorize? What’s a “Chosei,” or a “Nenkyu?” Who do I ask about the schedule? These questions, and many more, are absolutely normal. Don’t worry; AJET is here to help. Below you will find a few links to great resources that will help you adjust to your new workplace, learn lesson planning and classroom management tips, and generally start you off on the right foot.

Crash Course on Lesson Planning

by Bryan Darr
The 2011-2012 AJET National Council’s Director of Professional and Education Development, Bryan Darr, wrote this easy-to-follow article on lesson planning. Bryan hits all the main points of making a lesson plan that is sure to provide you with the confidence to teach even if you have never taught before. Both new and veteran ALTs alike can gain new skills from this useful article.

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Students Not Answering Questions

Thoughts on Students not Answering Questions in Japan by Bryan Darr
Published in a Saitama journal, Bryan Darr gives a short cultural explanation behind Japanese student’s silences and how to overcome them. His methods may be a quick way to fight the problem of quiet classes. Bryan also references the book, Teach Like a Champion.

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Also, check out our AJET Database and Directory of Resources for JETs for tons of lesson plan templates, pre-made lesson plans, supplemental materials, other great, JET-developed articles, and useful web links from across cyberspace!