JET Alumni Association Elections

Nuntica (Rose) Tanasugarn


JETAA Western Japan: Chair Platform
Location: Shimane (ALT 1990-93, ALT 2003-06)
Current location: Kobe
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

I got involved with JETAA Western Japan in 2012 because of the challenges that alumni face when trying to transition to a new career. Over the past 4 years, I have tried to make Japanese corporations and local governments more aware that there are JETs with functional Japanese skills who would like a career in something other than English education. I have recruited companies such as Kidzania, ITOCHU, Legoland Japan, and Shop Japan to participate in CLAIR career fairs and other career programs for JETs and alumni. On April 28, I was appointed as one of 19 PR Ambassadors for Kobe and enjoy contact with the alumni and current JETs who are also serving as PR Ambassadors until next March.

I recently organized the JETAA Western Japan networking brunch with guests from the US consulate, a local international school, and the executive director of US JETAA. The current JETs and alumni in attendance appreciated the chance to hear about career options and to share various experiences and challenges with each other.

I have built relationships with AJET National, consular officials in Kansai, the Japan America Society Osaka, and the American Chamber of Commerce Japan and JETAA leaders from around the world. If elected as Chair, I would like to continue strengthening these relationships and helping the chapter create regional subchapters in areas such as Nagoya and Hiroshima.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sandy Cheng

My name is Sandy Cheng and I wish to serve as Vice Chair for JETAA Western Japan for the 2016-2017 JET year. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, I was a JET in Kobe City of Hyogo Prefecture from 2011 to 2015. I worked for three years as an ALT in elementary and junior high school before I was transferred to a senior high school for my final year. During my third year I served on the 2013-2014 AJET National Council as Block 6 Representative and Director of Sales and Marketing, and in my final year I served as Chairperson on the 2014-2015 AJET National Council.

I represented the JET community multiple times at Opinion Exchange meetings with MOFA, MIC, MEXT and CLAIR and served as a Tokyo Orientation Assistant in 2013. I have proactively shown my support for and involvement with the JET community in my role as Block 6 Representative by working in cooperation with Prefectural Representatives to organise Block events and keep the community updated with current information. As Chairperson, I worked with 19 other AJET National Council members to complete numerous national projects including the launching of the new website, new and improved resources for incoming, current and returning JETs, Tatami Timeshare to provide travel opportunities and connect JETs across Japan, new partnership systems to increase discounts and affordable services available to JETs, and more.

My goals as Vice Chair are to support alumni JETs living in Western Japan by providing social opportunities and building professional alumni networks. I hope to work with other CLAIR, other JETAA organisations, and National AJET to provide the best possible services for our community.

I have demonstrated my dedication to the JET Programme and wish for the chance to take on further responsibility for our community. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to contribute to the JET Programme by serving as an officer on the JETAA Western Japan council.

Pene Dalton

Nagasaki 2003-2008
Nagasaki Prefectural Advisor / Specialist Advisor 2004-2008

Kia ora! Hello!

My name is Pene Dalton, and I have resided here in the south of Japan, for the past 16 years. My involvement with the JET Program began when I was posted to Nagasaki in 2003. I spent my first year here as an ALT at one of the city’s well known high schools, before being seconded to the position of Nagasaki ALT Prefectural Advisor for 2 years, and then Specialist Prefectural Advisor for the last 2 years of my 5 years on the program. In that capacity I was responsible for a number of orientation and training workshops, ALT placement within the prefecture, and participated in many events held within the prefecture, and outside of it on behalf of the prefectural government’s board of education.

My background prior to, and post-JET, was in banking and the airline industry. My hometown is Auckland, New Zealand. But I have recently laid roots here in Nagasaki, by taking tenure at one of the country’s most prestigious private schools, and by buying a house that overlooks the city that I now call home. Along with my wife and our three hybrid children, I will probably be living in our beautiful corner of Japan for the foreseeable future.

Having served in an unofficial capacity as chapter secretary for a year, I represented JETAA Western Japan at a CLAIR Opinion Exchange last July and made those at the meeting more aware of the needs of alumni residing in Kyushu.

I also served as JETAA contact for a networking event in Nagasaki sponsored by Keizaidoyukai, an economic forum for major Japanese corporations, in addition to volunteering at CLAIR’s JET Career Fair in Fukuoka.

As a long time Nagasaki, and Kyushu resident, I have built good relationships with local Japanese leaders at both local government level, and business level. I look forward to helping the chapter have a stronger regional presence if elected.