JETAA International, or JETAA-I is the organisation representing the global community of former participants in the JET Programme and their JET Alumni Association chapters.

Although JETAA-I was active in the 1990s and 2000s, activity dried up after 2011. However, after a year-long effort by people around the world to improve the alumni’s ability to contribute to the JET Programme, including participating in the 30th anniversary, JETAA-I was successfully relaunched. JETAA-I’s members are comprised of all recognised JETAA Country Representatives, and with new bylaws ratified and officer elections held, JETAA-I has succeeded in building momentum going into the inaugural International Meeting that will be held on 6 November this year in Tokyo, as part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the JET Programme.

There are currently approximately 65,000 JET alumni around the world, many of whom belong to one of 52 JETAA chapters or their numerous subchapters. There are also communities of alumni in countries that are not officially recognised as chapters, either because they have not applied to JETAA-I for recognition or have not yet met the eligibility requirements.

JETAA-I exists to support these recognised and unrecognised JETAA chapters and individual alumni by providing information and coordination services, as well as by serving as a central point of contact for anyone wishing to learn about or engage with JET alumni in some way. JETAA-I also works to support the JET Programme in collaboration with the alumni and the Japanese government.

JETAA-I is excited about the future potential of international JETAA collaboration efforts. As a first step, JETAA-I has launched a new website,, to facilitate sharing of information across JETAA chapters and alumni around the world. Please be sure to check it out!