December 2010 AJET Reports

Dec 2010 General Activities Report

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The General Activities Report will discuss past and current projects and activities of National AJET from the past several months. As well as presenting National AJET, the report will showcase events and activities from prefecture AJET chapters. We encourage questions and comments from CLAIR and the ministries about the following projects and activities.


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JET Programme Orientations

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Most JET Programme participants attend three orientations prior to and just after their arrival in Japan. Participants usually attend their consulate’s pre-departure, Tokyo, and prefectural or designated city orientations. These orientations provide information regarding a typical JET Programme participant’s workday, Japanese customs and culture, culture shock, lesson planning and development, as well as other topics. Although a lot of topics are presented at the orientations, JET Programme participants often don’t feel adequately prepared for their first day on the job. This report will discuss suggestions for improvement for each orientation.


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Integration in the Workplace

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As more Contracting Organisations opt for privately-employed ALTs and CIRs, it is apparent that JET participants worry about the number of JETs being reduced yearly, as well as the Japanese government’s willingness to continue the program. By analysing factors that relate to JETs and their work duties and performance, both in and outside of their contracted hours, this survey examines JETs’ concerns on workplace integration.


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