Nov 2008 AJET Reports

All November 2008 Reports in English

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Every report AJET made for November 2000.

Nov 2008 General Activities Report

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The General Activities Report will discuss past and current projects and activities of National AJET from the past several months. As well as presenting National AJET, the report will showcase events and activities from prefecture AJET chapters. We encourage questions and comments from CLAIR and the ministries about the following projects and activities.


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Bullying Report (English Only)

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Overview of objectives
1. Teaching staff should work proactively to identify and stop bullying.
2. Information about specific incidents should be relayed quickly and accurately to administrative staff.
3. Support bullied students by considering the problem from their perspective.
4. Demonstrate to students that bullying is not acceptable under any circumstances.
5. All members of the teaching staff must understand that addressing the problem of bullying also requires teachers to question how they currently teach and deal with students.
6. Treat bullying as a problem for everyone in the school to address.
7. Collect detailed information and record it chronologically.

Bullying Report – Class Deterioration in Elementary Schools
Teacher Awareness (English Only)

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Defining “Class Deterioration.” (When Class Stops Functioning)
“Class deterioration” is defined as a situation where children refuse to follow their teacher’s instructions, and as a result, the class cannot move forward. The teacher’s normal problem solving methods are ineffectual and the class remains in a state where learning is impossible.
-From the Classroom Management Research Group as commissioned by the Ministry of Education in March, 2000.

Bullying Report – Student Violence (English Only)

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Recommended responses for incidents of student violence. Includes points to consider during initial response to incident, assessment of the incident, and planning appropriate actions after the incident (immediate response, short-mid term response, and mid-long term response).

Bullying Report – Flowchart (English Only)

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Utilises a flow chart to simplify the recommended responses to problem behaviour.

Handover Procedures Report

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In the JET Programme, most JETs are fortunate enough to have predecessors who can pass on valuable information about both living and working in Japan. Yet, currently, there is no standardised system of passing down essential information. This report will explore what, if any, handover procedures are undertaken by JETs’ predecessors, as well as what information is included. Additionally, this report will look into systems of “hikitsugisho,” or documents that are produced in many Japanese offices by predecessors for their successors, that prefectures throughout the country use to communicate with incoming JETs. Finally, this report will evaluate what particular information should be provided to JETs during the handover process.


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JET Programme Alumni Report

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The report explores methods former JET Programme participants use to maintain connections with Japan, for example through JETAA, social networks, professional groups, etc. The report also examines reasons some JET alumni are not connected to any JETAA chapter and attempts to isolate these people to find common characteristics in order to devise ways to resolve the disconnect.


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この報告書は目標が三つあります。まず、元JET参加者が日本との関係を継続するための方法を検討します。例えば、JETプログラム同窓会(JETAA)やソーシャル・ネットワーキング・サービス(SNS)や職業集団を通すなど。それで、元JET参加者が同窓会に参加しない理由を検討します。最後にJET プログラム同窓会員と参加しない元JET参加者を分けて、共通する特徴を確認します。

Pre-Departure Japanese Study Materials Report

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This report reviews the Japanese Study Materials Provided to JETs prior to departure, especially Japanese for JETs. It provides suggestions for the revision and improvement of these materials.


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当報告書は来日前に提供される日本語教材、特にJapanese for JETsの評価をするものである。これらの教材の改訂と改善方法も紹介するものである。

Team Teaching Materials Report

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This report examines the teaching materials provided to JET Programme Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs); MEXT’s Practical Handbook for Elementary School English Activities, MEXT’s Handbook for Team Teaching, and CLAIR’s Resource Materials and Teaching Handbook.

As a follow up to the Team Teaching Development report presented in May 2008, this report identifies how materials are being utilised by ALTs and to what effect, as well as highlights areas for improvement and revision, and looks into the distribution of lesson planning done by ALTs.


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