Spring 2012 AJET Opinion Exchange Meetings

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AJET OE Spring 2012On May 14th and 15th, the Spring 2012 Opinion Exchange meeting was held in Tokyo. This year’s discussion topics were: the Evaluation of the Support Systems for JET Participants, AJET’s General Activities Report, and the Acquisition of Japanese Language and Culture by JET Participants report.

Evaluation of the Support System for JET Participants

Surveys were conducted by AJET to assess JET participants’ awareness of the various support resources that are available to them and to identify their level of satisfaction with those services. These resources were examined under these areas: the JETLINE, the Counseling Support Committee (CSC), the Peer Support Group (PSG), and Prefectural Advisors (PAs). You can read the report here and the discussion summary here.

Spring OE General Activities Report

While AJET worked very hard over the past year to ensure that JETs are better satisfied with our services, we also worked to expand our services. As always, we worked to strengthen the council’s relationships with CLAIR, the Three Ministries, and other government-related organizations. In addition, AJET positioned itself to be more successful in the future by re-evaluating its business structure and working towards a more financially sustainable business model.  AJET began work to secure a sound financial future through new and more meaningful relationships with organizations that can benefit JETs. You can read the report here and the discussion summary here.

The Acquisition of Japanese Language and Culture by JET Participants

The JET Programme has promoted grassroots internationalization from its inception, and JETs have lived up to this mandate. JETs would like to continuously do so, if the resources are provided. As a result, this report was completed to assess the extent to which Japanese language and culture have played important roles in the lives of JET participants. Two main areas were examined in order to ascertain AJET’s findings. Those surveyed were current JETs and JET alumni. You can read the report here and the discussion summary here.

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