National Council

Introducing your 2022-20223AJET National Council!

Interested in getting involved? We are currently looking for people to fill these positions:

➔ Treasurer
➔ Director of Partnerships➔ Director of Volunteering
➔ Project Managers (2)
➔ Director of Affiliate and Community Relations
➔ Director of Volunteering

You can read the descriptions for each of these positions here. If you’re interested in any of these positions, please email . If you don’t see an open position that exactly fits you, but have skills that you’d like to contribute to National AJET, please reach out anyway!

Spencer Viernes


The National AJET Chair is the face of AJET and acts as the chief representative voice of AJET to the media and other organizations. The chair sets AJET’s agenda for the year and works with the council to make sure AJET’s goals are being accomplished and that everything AJET does is in line with this agenda and the goals outlines in the AJET Constitution.

You may contact the Chair at .

Joe Kosciusko Tritschler

Vice Chair

The Vice-Chair works with the Chair and Treasurer to ensure an efficient Executive body. Duties include organizing the AJET workshops at Tokyo Orientation, supervising the elections for the National Council, chairing meetings where the Chair is not present, preparing agendas and organising the minutes for meetings, and running the AJET conferences and orientations.

You may contact the Vice Chair at .

Sabrina Glowacki

Director of Social Media

The Director of Social Media maintains and updates AJET’s social media presence. The Director of Social Media ensures that JETs are kept up-to-date on JET and AJET activities within their communities and throughout Japan through prompt social media updates.

You may contact the Director of Social Media at .

Marco Atendido

Director of Public Relations

The goal of AJET PR is to spread the word through the current and alumni JET community and raise awareness about what National AJET does, offers and how the work of the council can help fellow JETs. The Director of Public Relations also helps the Director of Social Media maintain and updates AJET’s social media presence.

You may contact the Director of Public Relations at .

Sarah Hawkins & Ayanna Willis

Co-Directors of Professional and Educational Development 

The Director of Professional and Education Development (DPED) actively seeks out new opportunities, partnerships, and materials that will assist JETs in becoming more skilled and accomplished educators and professionals, and aiming to provide JETs with timely, innovative, and high quality resources that will enrich and enhance their personal and professional development. This includes the curation of up-to-date tools that will enable JETs to broaden their skill-sets and prepare them for transition into a variety of careers after their JET tenure has ended.

You may contact the Directors of Professional and Educational Development at

Lauren Suna


The Webmaster ensures that each AJET website works at peak productivity and provides the day-to-day maintenance of the website. Also, the Webmaster provides IT and website support to the AJET National Council and AJET-affiliated websites, as well as manages the AJET emails and databases.

You may contact the Website Coordinator at .

Jennifer Hill

Block 9 Representative

The Block Representatives represent the region of Japan in which they are living and working as a JET, and put their energies towards strengthening community ties by planning events and sharing and compiling resources. Their work is mostly local, but they are valuable voices within National AJET.