2016–2017 Executive Platforms

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Chair 会長

Stephen DiTomasso


My name is Stephen DiTomasso and I am running for the Chair position on the executive council with AJET.

I am a first year CIR in Kanoya City, Kagoshima. I am from Arizona in America and I graduated from Arizona State University in 2014 with a degree in Business and Global Leadership as well as a minor in Japanese. During my time there I studied abroad for a year at Hiroshima Shudo University in Hiroshima City.

I originally became interested in Japan and Japanese from watching old Jidaigeki films from Akira Kurosawa as well as film remakes of works by Chikamatsu Monzaemon. I love going out to eat and going to hot springs as well as listening to music. My favorites are classic rock, Motown, jazz, and in the past few years, Enka. I also love going out to karaoke.

I am applying for this position because I think JET has a brilliant community full of people with varying backgrounds that I would love to get further involved in to bring everyone together. I believe Japan is a wonderful country with plenty of gems to explore. I want to make sure all of the JETs who come here, whether they are in the middle of Tokyo, or in a small village in the middle of nowhere, have opportunities to get involved and immersed in Japanese culture as well as the various events and projects set up by AJET.

While I was in Hiroshima I lived in the Hiroshima City International House near Hiroshima Station. Four months into my year I was voted in as chairman of the International House where I would lead and help set up events such as ski trips and cultural outings for the residents.

I have leadership experience working as a guest services supervisor at a resort in Arizona where I was also involved in auditing and accounting. In my position now as a CIR in Kanoya I am heavily involved in planning, setting up, and leading international events for the city. I have plenty of experience in public speaking in English and Japanese from the business school at ASU and being a guest speaker at various gathering in Hiroshima and Kanoya. Personality-wise I can get along with virtually anyone and am always positive and forward thinking. I like to get to the point and keep things simple and straightforward.

I believe with my leadership experience in both America and Japan I can bring valuable knowledge and insight to the table when it comes to setting goals, organization, and working with people of all backgrounds.

Stephen DiTomasso

私はStephen DiTomassoと申します。AJET役員会の会長に立候補します。



  • 好きな音楽はクラシックロックやモータウン、ジャズで、最近演歌も好きになりました
  • カラオケに行くのも大好きです。





Vice Chair 副会長

Nick Lavin


Hi there! My name is Nick Lavin, a second year CIR from Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture (everybody – where?!..) and I am hoping to run for the vice chair position during the 2016-17 fiscal year.

As I make the progression into my third year on the JET Programme this August, it is now that I would like to use and implement all of the skills and experiences that I have been able to accumulate so far for the continued improvement and development of AJET and the community there within.

So, What Can I Do For You?

As Japan looks towards the Olympics in 2020, the Liberal Democratic Party have proposed to increase its efforts relating to the JET Programme two-fold, it is fair to say that the numbers within our community will continue to increase with the coming of new business year. As a result of this growth, I believe that there will be an increased necessity in ensuring that the voice of the participants of the JET Programme is not only heard, but understood and recognized.

  • Raising awareness of the channels available to existing JETs to ensure individual voices can be heard
  • Increasing the presence and activities of prefectural representatives in order to provide opportunities to report any problems, issues and concerns on a national level
  • Striving to improve communication between the national JET community and the corresponding organizations (National Council, CLAIR, MOFA, MEXT etc.)

So, What Are my Qualifications?

Within my role as CIR I have been able to hone my translation and interpretation skills in order to effectively relay and transmit information between two parties in both Japanese and English. It is therefore that I have the upmost confidence in ensuring that any opinions/issues raised an individual, prefectural and national level will be conveyed to all relating organizations. I have also been an active member of many intercultural event planning and management organizations which help ensure new-coming JETs discover more about the local area they live and work in, and as a result improving sense of community. During my first two years on the JET Programme, I have strived to provide other JETs with the resources and help relating to everyday life.

A Few Final Words

I would like to sign off by thanking you for taking the time to read my platform and look forward to the results of the AJET Election!


Nick Lavin

こんにちは!私はNick Lavinと申します。富山県の高岡市(…どこ?!)の2年目の国際交流員で2016年度の副会長に立候補したいと思います。




 現役のJET参加者の個々の声が届くような方法への認識を高めること

 全国レベルの問題や悩みなどを報告する機会を設けるため、都道府県の代表者の存在感や活動を増やすこと

 JETのコミュニティーと関連する団体(AJET全国役員会・クレア・外務省・文部科学省など)の間のコミュニケーションを改善するために力を入れること





Treasurer 会計

David G. Winter


My name is David G. Winter. I am a 1st year JET currently residing in Fukuchiyama city in Kyoto prefecture. My experiences, thus far, have led me to contract for an additional year on the JET program. This being said, I am very happy with my position and the degree of contribution I have provided my English classes. Due to my appreciation of my appointment and the JET program overall, I wish to invest my efforts in building a strong network between JET participants.

The position of Treasurer has interested me because I believe that this position is well-suited to my interests and skills. I wish to further refine the goals and accomplishments of this organization in order to foster greater support for individuals participating on JET. I understand that this will require close cooperation with the other two elected positions, Chair and Vice Chair. I am confident that through teamwork we can accomplish our goals, provided each elected individual contributes effort towards our endeavors.

The responsibility of maintaining the function and efficiency of the JET support organization is tough; however, my prior experiences in similar positions have prepared me for such an undertaking. I served as the Pledge Class Treasurer for the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at Vanderbilt University in 2010. My duties for this position resemble those of the position I am currently applying for, such as: pecuniary responsibilities (bookkeeping), maintaining strict organization, and enforcing standards of conduct. This experience has shown me that I can work effectively with others, while maintaining the transparency and dependability of an administration.

I accomplish my goals with excellence under any conditions due to my focus and dedication. I can fulfill the duties of the Treasurer position with the same effort, thus ensuring the necessary quality for success. As far as the individual responsibilities of the Treasurer, I possess the skills necessary for making clear, organized presentations of budgets and activities pertaining to fund utilization. Any skills needed for this position, such as: program use, can be learned without difficulty.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to work for you and help improve your experience during your tenure on the JET program. I look forward to potentially serving the JET community.

David Winter

David Winterと申します。京都府の福知山市に住んでおり、JETに参加して1年 目です。JETに参加して1年が経ち、これまでの経験を踏まえもう一年契約することになりま した。自身の仕事や学校の英語教育へ貢献できたことをとても嬉しく思っています。自身の 仕事とJETプログラムには感謝しており、今後はJET参加者間のネットワーク構築に取り組みたいと考えています。