2010-11 National Council

Chair – Caroline Ideus

I’m a fourth year ALT from Nebraska, U.S.A., now living in Shimane prefecture; this is my 3rd year on National AJET Council..

Vice-Chair – Suzy Lee Ogata

Hello! I’m Suzy Lee Ogata, a 5th year ALT in Kumamoto Prefecture. I grew up in Indiana, U.S.A. which is mostly famous for car racing and corn fields. Here in Japan I enjoy all kinds of cooking, dance, and also exploring our local coasts and calderas. For the next year I’ll be your Vice-Chair for National AJET and my goal during this time is to connect directly with JETs. I invite you to enter into discussion about the future of the JET Programme. I invite you to inspire our improvement and share in our successes.

Treasurer – Martin Nash

Firstly, welcome to Japan. Geographically, I live in Nara prefecture. Contractually, I’m entering my fourth year as an ALT. Previously, I was a computer programmer, barista, and a cow milker. Grammatically, I love adverbs. Respectfully, I wish you an awesome experience. Finally, enjoy your new life in Japan!

Block One – Claire Gittens

I’m from the beautiful island of Barbados. (That’s in the Caribbean!) I’ve been working as an ALT in Ichinohe, Iwate since August 2008. I speak 5 languages and can do a full split! I can even split while speaking 5 languages. I like writing, reading, listening to music, dancing and travel. I’ve seen every continent except Antarctica.

Block Two – Brianna Harris

Howdy there everyone! I am a second year ALT in Yamagata Ken! I am from California and I love sea kayaking, hiking, reading, and just lots of plain old good fun. Lets enjoying Japan!!!

Block Three – Denise Schlickbernd
Block Four – Erica Nakanishi-Stanis

I hail from Chicago in the United States, and am currently in my second year as a CIR/PA in Chiba City. When not coordinating international relations, I am, by turns, traveling, reading, and working out. If you have any ideas, questions, concerns or just want to talk, feel free to drop me a line at any time. I’m really excited to work with all of Block 4, and look forward to forging a closer community in the coming year!

Block Five – Avalyn Beare

I’m a 3rd-year ALT from Devon, England now living in Fukui prefecture. This is my first year of the National AJET Council. You’ll probably see me around or receive emails regularly if you are in Block 5. Please don’t ignore me; I am excited to hear from all of you, old and new. Any insights, ideas or venting is always welcome.

Block Six – Sifton Anipare

Bonjour, allo, salut! I’m a Toronto native and a second-year ALT in Kobe. I am equally obsessed with Kuromi and anything sakura-related. I also run the Hyogo JET Smile Kids Japan group. Give me a shout if you’re in the Block 6 neighbourhood; I’m always hungry.

Block Seven – Kathryn Kovacs

I’m a 4th year high school ALT originally from Great Falls, Virginia in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. I currently live in Takatori, a small town in Nara Prefecture. I enjoy traveling, hitting the gym, planning events with Nara AJET and collecting as much useless “Hello Kitty” paraphernalia as possible.

Block Eight – Victoria L. Murphy

I am a 2nd-year ALT from sunny England but I can currently be found in Matsuyama, Ehime. I enjoy many things but my current hobbies including Yoga, Dungeons and Dragons and traveling. I like nothing more than pottering round a new city. I encourage everyone to come down and experience the glory of Shikoku, an often over looked part of Japan. Thank You.

Block Nine – Emily McBride

Hi All! I’m a 4th year ALT from Perth, Western Australia, and I currently live in Matsue City, in beautiful Shimane Prefecture. This is my first year on the National AJET Council as the Block 9 representative, but I was previously Shimane AJET Chapter president. I have worked at kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools in Japan, but I currently work at a high school, as well as teaching adults. I enjoy music (especially live music), swimming, talking a LOT, and sewing (if I get the time)!

Block Ten – Jesse Welty

I’m a 5th year ALT. Before JET, I lived in Texas, France, and America’s “Natural State,” Arkansas. Now I call the rice fields of beautiful Saga-ken my home. I love skiing and exploring mountains and forests. Other passions include creating stuff (like delicious food), drooling over electronic gadgets, and making innocent students wince at my terrible Japanese-English puns. I will talk to you about almost anything, but I’m especially here to help you navigate the weird and wonderful world of Japan.

Block Eleven – Shi-Ai Chang

Welcome, new JETs! I’m Lili, a 3rd-year ALT from Colorado, now living in Miyazaki city, Miyazaki prefecture. This will be my first year as National AJET member. I have many hobbies and interests; therefore, I’m sure we will be able to talk about something. So don’t be shy, come by and say hello. Hope to talk to you soon!

CIR Representative – Vishal Jani

I’m a 3rd year CIR from New Jersey currently working in Matsusaka, Mie and this is my first year on the National AJET Council. I enjoy motorcycles, fashion, architecture and travel. Let’s work together towards a successful year in Japan! Thank you.

SEA Representative – Christine Wegner

Hi! Originally from the Northeast United States, I am now in my second year a Basketball SEA in Nagasaki City. When I am not coaching high school or playing basketball with the local teachers’ team, I am absorbing as much of the beautiful Japanese culture as I can. This includes learning about traditional Japanese sports such as Judo and Sumo, but also enjoying the local people, food and festivals all over Japan.

Translator / Interpreter – Clayton Frederick

I’m a 4th year Saitama ALT-turned-CIR from California. I enjoy swimming, basketball, mountaineering, soba-making, biking through the rice paddies on summer evenings, and traveling the country by Seishun-18 rail pass. I hope to finish visiting all 47 prefectures this year!

Translator / Interpreter – David Hsu

Hi! I’m a 2nd year CIR in Odai-cho, Mie-prefecture. I’m beginning my first year as Translator/Interpreter for National AJET Council. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know!

Peer Support Group National Coordinator – Emily Collins

Hello everyone. I’m Em from the U.K. I am currently enjoying life as an ALT on Yoron Island in the south of Japan. When I’m not busy being a teacher/diplomat/climbing frame I go kayaking. This year I’m National Coordinator for AJET PSG. If you need to find an English speaking doctor, have had a bad day and want to chat, or you just want to talk in English, give AJET PSG a call, every night 8pm to 7am, all year around.

Webmaster – Kevin Mitchell

I’m a 3rd year ALT enjoying my time in Chitose, Hokkaido. I come from Missouri, USA, where I worked for over ten years in the cinema business. I like to see movies here in Japan; as long as they’re in English. This is a big year for AJET’s Internet projects, so enjoy your stay in Japan and don’t forget to use our website to help you along!