Careers in Technology

Many JETs are interested in working in tech fields after they finish their contracts. There are many famous technology and gaming companies in Japan, and many of them hire foreign talent. In addition, some JETs find themselves interested in making a career change to work as programmers or IT professionals. There are many resources online to study relevant skills during downtime, and there are also bootcamps and accredited online courses one can join. On this page, we have collected some information for JETs interested in tech careers.


For those interested in becoming software engineers, AJET’s partner Code Chrysalis operates a bootcamp in Tokyo. They have several programs in English, some of which can be completed part-time while working on JET. There are also intensive in-person options which can be entered after one’s contract finishes.

Code Chrysalis offers a special discount to JET participants and alumni:

Members of JET with Jet Numbers can apply for a 5% discount to Code Chrysalis’s Immersive or Immersive Part-time programs. Please write your JET number on the application form to receive this discount. The discount is applied to the balance payment after the non-refundable deposit (100,000 JPY) is paid.

Webinars and other Resources

JETAA and the After JET Conference are reliable sources of advice for JETs trying to break into tech. Here are a few of their materials from recent years:

Careers in IT

Materials from Xander, former Miyazaki JET:

Materials from Nicholas Tenhue

Gaming Industry

USJETAA: JETs in the Gaming Industry Webinar

Materials from Luke Valentine: “The Games Industry and How to Get into It”