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Education Resources

First and foremost, JETs are teachers of language, on the ground and in the classroom. From providing free lessons and curricula, to sharing advice from the best teachers on how to manage your classroom and be an effective teacher, AJET is here to support you.

Tango Smash

Need help teaching English? tangosmash.com

Tango Smash


Tango Smash is an English vocabulary application designed for Japanese students learning English. It is available on popular web browsers, iOS and Android devices. Hundreds of vocabulary lists that mirror the Japanese curriculum are provided and you can customize your own word lists with ease. Students can practice their listening, spelling, reading and writing skills with Tango Smash’s user-friendly touch or type interface. The application gives teachers the opportunity to set homework and exams for their students and download their results. If you want to create an engaging classroom where students are learning, give Tango Smash a try! For more information contact

Read to Lead




Our award-winning learning games teach English reading and writing, character traits such as leadership and adaptability, and American business culture in an immersive virtual workplace. Students are the boss, making big decisions and gaining critical skills along the way!

Former Publications

These are two books that were formerly published by AJET, but are now available for free in digital form! From pre-made lesson plans for elementary, junior high and senior high school to ideas for running cultural activities, these 2 publications are sure to become an invaluable teaching resource for ALTs and JTEs alike.

Planet Eigo
Planet Eigo 2nd EdPlanet Eigo is a collection of lesson plans and teaching methods specifically fashioned for team-teaching in Japan. The editors have taken the great qualities from past publications and have added some invaluable elements: the 300-page book includes nearly 100 pages of detailed explanations on Team Teaching, Learning Theory, Instructional Planning and Elementary Schools. Planet Eigo goes beyond just collecting quality lesson plans by organizing them into five fundamental categories; Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading and Elementary school. Activities also include an easy-to-read summary table, recommended target grade/age, and estimated time duration. The book is also completely bilingual, written in both Japanese and English.

Download the complete Planet Eigo (23.4 MB), or choose a chapter below.

Foxy Phonics
Foxy PhonicsKatakana English driving you crazy? Let Foxy Phonics help! Studies show that learning phonics in the beginning stages of language instruction is important for proper language development. Phonics helps students learn the sounds of the English language, especially difficult vowel and consonant blends. Not only does teaching phonics help students to differentiate between sounds, it can also help strengthen their reading ability. Starting with the basic sounds, this book teaches phonics of English with over 100 worksheets, illustrations, phonics activities and tongue twisters. This book is sure to set katakana English in its place.
Download the Foxy Phonics worksheets below.