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JETwit was created as an important networking channel for the worldwide JET alumni community. On its pages, you can find a library of information and links created by JET alums, a career page for job seekers and employers alike, and an area for alums to list their professional profiles, among other services. Current JETs are also encouraged to view and participate on JETwit! Below you can find some quick links to the different sections listed:

1. Library of JET alumni information and profiles: contains links to JET Alumni Chapters, books, blogs, websites, articles, and much more that have all been authored by JET alums.

2. Professional Profiles: JETs can send in their professional profiles to be posted. Allows easy viewing for potential employers and also permits job-seekers to contact alums and establish some networking foundations.

3. JET Alumni Groups: A list of various Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn groups. A great way to network with other JET alumni and learn about job openings as well as alumni events going on in your area. JETwit has also organized a list of JET Alumni groups by prefecture so don’t forget to join your respective group!

4. JETLinks: Includes a list of links to JET Alumni Chapters around the world, Alumni Chapter newsletters, JET Prefectural websites, and the JET Alumni Association International (JETAA) website.

5. Traveling to Japan: Looking for group or individual travel options to Japan? JETwit has provided a list of Japanese travel agencies for the wayward traveler seeking to go to the “Land of the Rising Sun.”

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Presentation Zen

Do you remember the last time you went to a dull and boring presentation? Do you feel lacking in your own skills and want to make certain that your next presentation doesn’t become a scene out of the fairytale “Sleeping Beauty?” Well fear no more! Garr Reynolds, creator of the most popular website and blog on presentation design and delivery called “Presentation Zen“, provides inspirational and proven advice on improving your presentation.

As the title of his website evokes, Mr. Reynolds is heavily influenced by the idea of Japanese zen, specifically in attaining simplicity vis-à-vis content, design, and delivery. He also heavily advocates the human factor in any presentation. As a presenter, remember that you are the presentation! Powerpoint, or whatever system you use, is just a tool to augment your message and story, so don’t lose yourself in it!

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