Professional Organisations

Joining one or more professional organizations is a great way to network, get new ideas, and learn about new industry trends. These are a few of the many professional organizations you might consider joining during your tenure on the JET Programme.

The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)

JALT is an NPO-registered national organization of educators dedicated to language teaching in Japan. They have chapters throughout the country, two great periodical publications, an array of conferences, and are very supportive of AJET members. Find out how you can get involved with your local JALT chapter or Special Interest Group (SIG) through their website.

JALT Homepage

Saitama City Educators (SCE)

Local professional organizations like SCE are excellent ways to meet and collaborate with colleagues within your community. Is there a similar local organization in your area? Let us know so we can showcase them, too!

SCE Homepage

English Teachers in Japan (ETJ)

From their website, “ETJ is a free association for English teachers in Japan that encourages the exchange of information and teaching ideas and supports the professional development of teachers.” Heavily focused on research-based methodologies, ETJ is a wealth of information with an active mailing list newsgroup. You can also follow them on Facebook for regular posts on educational research and modern teaching trends.

ETJ Homepage

Japan Association of Translators (JAT)

According to their website, “the Japan Association of Translators (JAT) was founded […] as a means for individual translators to exchange information and insights.” In addition to providing resources and a directory, JAT also hosts meetings, events, and conferences, including the International Japanese English Translation (IJET) Conference, whose location alternates between Japan and English-speaking country each year.

JAT Homepage