Sending Money Home

While GoRemit is probably the most popular international remittance service for JETs, it isn’t your only option when it comes to international exchanges. Some people have difficulty using international remittance due to small bank branches, lack of swift code, etc. JP Post also has options for your international currency needs. They have international remittance options like GoRemit, and they also have money order options. The only downside to using this options is that a paper money order is printed, you have to ship it home, and the person it is made out to has to be the one to cash it (and subsequently deposit it into your account). This can take some time due to shipping, and it’s probably not the most secure way to send funds. Check out JP Post’s English website to check out even more of their services.

You also might be able to transfer directly to your home country’s bank account using your Japanese bank. This varies and may be one of the more expensive options, so be sure and ask for information when you’re setting up your account.

If your family needs to send you money, they can do so easily using Western Union. Just be sure to check if this is available in your area. Remember though, you can usually access funds from your home bank account using your debit card at a local JP Post branch’s ATM if your family needs to get money to you quickly using a simple deposit into your home account.