Japanese Pop-Culture コーナー

Japanese Pop-Culture コーナー

The new year is well and truly underway now. I was watching a TV show the other day that introduced some changes that we can expect to see in Japan . . .

Spotlight on JETAA: New South Wales

Spotlight on JETAA: New South Wales

Spotlight on JETAA is an article that introduces a new chapter of the JET Alumni Association from somewhere in the world every month. This month, the spotlight is on JETAA . . .

December Connect Extended Interviews

December Connect Extended Interviews

Here are the full interviews with our 4 published authors from the December issue of Connect magazine. There were so many interesting things that we couldn’t include in the magazine, . . .

AJET Block 5 by-election results

28 January     
A hearty congratulations to Meryl Jordan, winner of the AJET Block 5 by-election! The previous Block 5 Representative had to resign in order to pursue an opportunity outside of Japan, . . . [ Read more ]

Special offer from englishbooks.jp

       Special Offers
Craving new teaching materials? Games for English club? Look no further! In partnership with National AJET, englishbooks.jp has generously offered a 20% discount for all JETs, valid until April 30th. . . . [ Read more ]

AJET partnering with DISCO

26 January     
National AJET is partnering with DISCO to collaborate on a JET-exclusive Career Forum for departing JETs. This career forum would be especially tailored for JETs by inviting businesses who are . . . [ Read more ]

Spring Reports 2014 – now available in Japanese

23 October       National AJET Reports
In April 2014, current JET Programme participants participated in AJET’s Spring Survey, which covered 4 key topic areas: Changes to Elementary School Education, English-speaking Coordinators in Schools, ALTs as Solo . . . [ Read more ]

Professional Development Call: John Finucane

29 September       Conference Calls
National AJET held a nation-wide 80-minute professional development conference call on September 30th, 2014 at 6pm. During this call, we interviewed John Finucane, an alumni JET from Ireland who has . . . [ Read more ]


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