Applying to the JET Programme

National AJET has no affiliation with the JET application process. For interested participants, please search your country’s JET Programme official website for the application procedure and portal.

For questions, contact the JET Coordinator at your local embassy.

National AJET Executive Board

If you have any concerns that you would like AJET to advocate on your behalf with CLAIR and the three ministries (MOFA, MIC, and MEXT), please reach out to a member of the executive council.

AJET Executives

Have a question regarding AJET or want to get involved? Please reach out to our Chair or Vice-Chair.

If you are a Special Interest Group and have inquiries about partnerships or starting a new Special Interest Group, you can email us at this address.

Director of Alumni Relations

For any inquiries related to AJET/JET alumni, please reach out to our Director of Alumni Relations.

Director of Translation and Interpretation

All inquiries regarding Japanese-English translation will be addressed by our Director of Translation and Interpretation.

The AJET translator facilitates Japanese-English communication during conferences.

Co-Directors of Academic and Professional Resources

Are you interested in gaining more information about professional development and/or want to improve your Japanese?

You can reach out to our Co-Directors of Professional and Academic Resources to learn more!


Want to add or change something on the AJET website? Please reach out to our webmasters!

Social Media

If you have anything you would like to be announced on the AJET social media platforms, please reach out to our Director of Social Media.

Block Representatives

If you are a Prefectural Advisor or a local AJET chapter, please reach out to your Block Representative for AJET-related inquiries. If your block is not listed below, you may reach out to a member of the Executive Board.

National AJET Blocks Map

Contact Information

Block 1 Leader

Logan Keene

Ashton Acree - Block 3 Representative

Ashton Acree

Michael Tynan

Jen Block 9

Jen Matsushita

Jeremy Wong Block 10

Jeremy Wong